Strive International is a UK-based charity that seeks to raise awareness of dyslexia in Africa, enhance educator’s skills to better serve dyslexic students in their classrooms, and encourage adult dyslexics in their chosen field. We achieve our goals through training sessions for educators, offering resources and facilities at the Maranda Educational Centre, speaking engagements and the use of social media.


Strive International believes all students in Africa should have an equal opportunity to learn, irrespective of socio-economic standing and learning style. We value the unique contributions of all people, and aim to improve the education and social standing of individuals with dyslexia of all ages by:

  • Providing opportunities and facilities to educators to gain additional skills in recognizing and managing students with dyslexia in a mainstream classroom
  • Raising awareness and removing the stigma of dyslexia in Africa, both among educators and the community at large
  • Partnering with other organizations who seek to advance the education of disadvantaged dyslexic people of all ages
  • Ultimately establishing a model inclusive school that uses best educational practices to prepare children to thrive in an increasingly dynamic society.

Dyslexics have extraordinary abilities in problem solving, critical thinking and grasping “the big picture” of a concept. Critical thinking has been at the root of all human progress. It is our vision that these leaders will create interventions and initiatives that will enable inclusive prosperity for all on the African continent.