Dr. G. P. Oluoch PhD

Dr. Gilbert OluochDr G. P. Oluoch, is the author of the book, “Essentials of Curriculum Development” published by Longhorn Publishers.

Most of his career in Education has been spent working in the field of curriculum and teaching. Gilbert was the founding Director of Kenya’s Curriculum Development and Research Centre in 1966 that was later merged with the Kenya Institution of Education. Subsequently he moved to the Ministry of Education headquarters as Director of Education. During his era several educational institutions such as the Primary School Inspection Service, Teachers Advisory Centres (TAC) and Educational Zones were created to support teachers with the new curriculum content and implementation.

In 1886, Gilbert was posted to the Ministry of Planning and National Development to head the National Manpower Development Committee. His task was to determine and project the current and future manpower requirements of the nation and feed the information into the national educational and training systems. Simultaneously, Educational Assessment and Resource Centres were created to, ensure that early identification of any special needs that children joining primary school were addressed. These Centres exist to date. In 1987 the first National Development plan in 1987 was produced.

Gilbert became a Member of Parliament for Bondo Constituency in 1988. A highlight of his significant development projects and programs was the creation of Bondo Teachers College, which has now been elevated to a University College. He also served as an Assistant Minister of Manpower Development and Employment and later as an Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology. In 1999 Gilbert was appointed Chairman of the national Poverty Eradication Commission. This was another very challenging appointment as the proportion of households living below the poverty line of one dollar a day had increased to 47% by 1994.

Gilbert retired from public service at the end of 2007 and has used this period to serve his local community. He promotes amaranth farming as a business, trains the community in table banking, which provides financial services to micro traders. Additionally he promotes community-based bursary and scholarship programmes for needy and bright secondary school students.

Prior to Gilbert’s career, he attended Makerere University in Uganda, Queensland University Teachers College in Australia, Columbia University and University of Massachusetts in the United State of America. He qualified with a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in Education with specialization in curriculum and teaching.